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How it works

You simply bring anything you think may be gold, silver or platinum jewelry to either of our locations. You will be greeted warmly by one of our Daytona Gold employees who will then take your contents and test its purity in front of you (unlike others your jewelry will never leave your sight).

We will then sort out the contents into categories (for example: we separate your 14k from your 10k and pull out items that may be plated which will be returned back to the owner).

Once the jewelry is separated it will then be weighed which allows us to price the contents accordingly with the days market value. After a few simple calculations the employee will then make you a cash offer which you can accept or decline, NO PRESSURE. If you decline you will receive your items back but if you accept the offer Daytona Gold will pay out the amount in cash and on the spot. We are a licensed refiner which enables us to pay the most, guaranteed.

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